Milk PWD Creamer Powder Vending 25kg


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This is a 100% skim milk product formulated to mix readily in coffee vending machines. With a real milk flavour (because it is real milk!) this product complements all coffee and tea drinks.

Creamy and delicious, this milk powder is perfect for any coffee machine.

Sold as 1 x 25kg in a sealed box.

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Creamer milk vending powder is a specially formulated milk powder for use in coffee machines and coffee vending machines. It is a 100% skim milk powder with a ingredient that facilitates its use in these machines.

The history of milk powder seemingly goes back to the times of Kublai Khan, a Mongolian warrior, who had a milk paste dried by the sun.  It was however a Russian doctor who invented the true milk powder form we use today, and that was back in the beginning of the 1800’s. 

Today, powdered milk is made by first concentrating fresh milk and then spraying it against a hot surface in giant spray towers where the liquid milk has the rest of its water evaporated.

The difference between full cream and skim milk, is that prior to this, the fat is removed. The resultant skim milk powder contains a minimum of 34% protein and less than 1.5% of butterfat. It is a white to slightly cream color and while slightly sweet, it has a good taint free taste.

One of the big advantages of milk powder over fresh milk is that it can be stored for around two years. It also can be kept on the shelf in a sealed container so does not require refrigeration. You can put it straight into your coffee machine without having to clean tubes and milk containers each day.

The product, because it is just dehydrated milk, readilt mixes with hot water to reconstitute pure skimmed milk in your coffee.

You can use full cream milk in our coffee vending machines, but we recommend skimmed milk because it is lower in fat but still delivers a great milky taste to your coffee.

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Weight25 kg
Dimensions84 × 52 × 84 cm

1 x 25KG