Nescafe Classic Decaffeinated Coffee


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Nescafe Classic Decaffeinated Coffee 200g

Perfect for use in coffee vending machines and the Nescafe Classic Decaffeinated Coffee 200g jar will give you around 100 cups of delicious caffeine free coffee vends.

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Nescafe Classic is the best selling pure instant coffee in South Africa. It is enjoyed from Cape Town to Musina and everwhere in between. Cold winter mornings in Johannesburg call for a cup of great coffee right? So how does Decaffeinated Nescafe Classic compare?

We supply both Nescafe Classic and its sister Decaffeinated Nescafe Classic because we know that some of our customers are sensiive to caffeine.

Caffeine is a naturally ocurring compound in tea and coffee, but it affects people differently. There is about 64mg of caffeine in a cup of Nescafe Classic and about 80mg in a typical americano. So instant coffee has nearly the same punch as an espresso based coffee drink. For that reason, decaffeination is a necessity for some to still enjoy their favourite beverage as Decaffeinated Nescafe Classic!

While you can develop a tolerance for caffeine, too much, or an excessive new exposure can lead to increased blood pressure, irritability, nausea, heartburn and jitters. So decaffeination is necessary for some who are susceptible to caffeine.

How do you decaffeinate coffee? Well caffeine is soluble in water and so the boffins found you could just extract it using water! The process is quite complicated but extraction with water replaced the older method of extracting it with solvents that were later found to be a health hazard.

The end result is full flavoured Decaffeinated Nescafe Classic coffee that you can enjoy through our coffee machines.

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