Trovato Milano Coffee Beans


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Trovato Milano Espresso Beans (6 x 1kg) are a mild blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee beans. Easy on the palate but with good body.

We use sun dried Ethiopian Sidamo beans that accentuate the floral notes and blend with Costa Rican beans to further bring out the mild citrus notes of the Central South American coffee. The result is an amazing medium bodied, low acidity and floral note filled coffee.

Packed in 1kg coffee valve bags with 6 packs in a box. Or you can order one packet of 1kg Milano Coffee Beans.

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We previously described Ethiopian coffee in our product description for our 1kg Trovato Milano espresso beans. There we characterised the country and the beans it produces and here we will look at the regions and why understanding them makes a big difference to coffee blends.

The main coffee growing regions in Ethiopia are Harrar (to the east of Addis Ababa), Sidamo (which includes Yirgacheffe) to the south of Addis Ababa and Gambella (to the south west of Addis Ababa). The best map to explain Ethiopian coffee regions is here.

The challenge in describing Ethiopian coffee names and regions is that names of places are used to classify the coffee types and they can overlap. So for example, coffee is grown in Sidamo province and so Sidamo is an origin name but Yirgacheffe, which is in Sidamo province, is also an origin name. So technically, all Yirgacheffe coffee is Sidamo coffee!

Each region produces a different coffee profile and so Ethiopian coffee is very diverse. Add to that different processing methods and you can very easily have tremendous variability in taste from the same coffee region.

For our Trovato Milano espresso bean blend, we select Sidamo which is dry processed and is described on the nose as having a fruity aroma with a hint of almond. The acidity is mild and it develops a good body. Flavours include hints of lemon culminating in a pleasing earthy aftertaste.

When blended into the Brazilian and Costa Rican beans, it livens up the blend to offer a rounded coffee taste with enough flavour to capture the attention of your tastebuds!

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