Trovato Swiss Hot Chocolate


Trovato Swiss Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a dairy milk taste with out Trovato Swiss Hot Chocolate.

Rich and creamy hot chocolate drink with a cocoa flavour that is smooth and sweet.

With more milk than our Belgian hot chocolate this drink is perfect for those who like Nestle hot chocolate (which is after all a traditional Swiss hot chocolate drink.

We supply 12 x 500g packs on a sealed box and 1 x 25kg bulk packaging.

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Trovato Swiss hot chocolate differs from our Belgian hot chocolate in that it has a more creamy taste and less pronounced cocoa flavours. It is prepared in the Swiss tradition.

How different then is Swiss hot chocolate from the Belgian varieties. To understand this we need to look at the Swiss chocolate industry, and there are worse things to read about than this topic!

While we will not be drawn into a discussion of who makes better chocolate between these two countries, it is sufficient to say that both are prolific manufacturers of high end chocolate. The fact is that they approach chocolate making differently.

The Swiss are known for milk chocolate and it was Mr Lindt who invented the process of passing cocoa between two rolling pins to create a super-fine chocolate mass. This, even without the addition of milk, resulted in an increased creaminess of the chocolate. This process is called conching.

But what the Swiss gained in solid and more creamy tasting chocolate, the Belgians gained in “filled chocolate” – the Belgian pralines. Few can match the exotic flavours packed inside the shell of a Belgian chocolate.

Belgian chocolate has higher cocoa solids that most Swiss chocolate (although of course, Belgians make Swiss type chocolate and vice versa), but these are traditional characteristics of these two countries…. and so the dark chocolate is more the preserve of Belgium than Switzerland. This is recognised in the industry where “Swiss chocolate” and “milk chocolate” are terms that can officially be used in place of each other.

Our Trovato Swiss hot chocolate contains more milk powder than our Belgian hot chocolate powder in the true tradition of making it more creamy. If you prefer darker and richer cocoa flavours, then why not try the Trovato Belgian hot chocolate.

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