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Coffee Vending Machines

Error Messages for RHEAVENDOR Machines:

Error Code 3

Media BFT 240 and any Rheavendor Machine with a sensor on drip tray, the Code 3 error means the drip tray sensor picks up that the drip tray is full of water and needs to be emptied, once you replace the empty driptray the error should reset automatically or you can just switch machine off and on to restart and reset the empty drip tray.

Error Code 6

Machine not getting water, if you using water pump then shake the pump their could be air buble, alternatively the water supply to machine is gone.

Error Code 13

Found on the Media BFT240 Lioness, its usually the cup dispenser that either has cup jam or the infrared cup sensor is dirty, so you will have the re-arrange the cups to eliminate the cup jam or clean sensor.

Error Code 31b

Is faulty Thermostat, probes or probe support in boiler

Error Messages for DR COFFEE Machines:

No Milk Flowing

This could be milk blockage due to not cleaning milk system, one will have to look for the blockage and remove the blockage before it will work, once it starts working, immediately do deep milk clean with our milk cleaning liquid soap.