BRITA PURITY C Quell ST Cartridges



We provide the optimum in technology for your requirements: Our filtration systems supply water with properties which are always uniform and precisely defined.
In order to adjust the result to your exact requirements, professional water analysis is advisable to ascertain which water filter should be used.

With our specially developed BRITA test kit, we can determine the properties of the water on site and with our wide product range, comprehensive know-how and fast, professional service ensure that you have the best water – for the finest meals and delicious baked goods, and a great cup of coffee!

Why filtered water?

Even in countries with the highest quality standards, water quality can vary, and might contain high levels of carbonate hardness.

The good news is that a good filter can remove harmful impurities and deliver safe, clean and high-quality water to your home or business, ensuring perfect water every time.

Purity C Water Filtration Systems:

The first generation of filter cartridges including our proven PURITY technology with IntelliBypass.

For coffee and espresso machines, coffee vending machines, combi-steamers and ovens.

Innovative and modular concept, vertical and horizontal operations, one head fits all cartridge sizes.

Connections: G3/8 or John Guest 8mm

4 Step Filtration: Pre-filtration, reduction of carbonate hardness, activated carbon filtration and fine filtration. Bypass water is also filtered.

Simple handling with quick lock valve and easy cartridge exchange.

All technical information and capacities according to datasheet.


Used on the following types of Brita Heads:

  • BRITA PURITY C FILTER HEAD 0% Bypass (The Purity Finest C1100, C500 and Purity C50 Fresh Cartridges)
  • BRITA PURITY C FILTER HEAD 0-70% Bypass (Adjustable hardness – For the Purity C Quell ST C1100ST, C500ST, C300ST, C150ST and C50ST Cartridges)


  • Coffee Machines
  • Vending Machines
  • Combi Steamers and Convectional Ovens


BRITA‘s PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges have been specially developed for use in the catering, vending and coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus avoiding scale deposits in the upstream appliance. The PURITY filter removes heavy metal ions such as lead and copper. Whilst also reducing cloudiness, organic impurities and chlorine that impair the quality and taste of the filtrate including the by-pass water. Typical applications for the PURITY C filter cartridges are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold water automats as well as combi steamer and conventional ovens.

The demands are high: optimum aroma and taste, stable crema, even distribution of flavour enhancers, such as milk, cream, etc. – an experience for all the senses. BRITA water filters enable optimal water quality for successful presentation.

Give your customers speciality coffee, tea, soup and cold drinks with that extra taste and save on the majority of service trips. With BRITA water filter systems in your machines, you can be reassured that your machines are safe from scale and you can save both time and money.

Flexible, efficient, cost-effective: PURITY

Optimum Water Quality

Your advantages:

  • Consistent water quality over the entire life of the filter
  • Safe machine protection
  • Free from undesired odour and flavours
  • Improved quality of drinks and dishes and optimal cleaning results
  • Satisfied customers who come back
  • Significant reduction of service costs

Our service to you:

  • Unique flow system
  • IntelliBypass Technology
  • Perfect, inter-coordinated filter media and components

Highest Product Safety

Your advantages:

  • Safe handling
  • High level of operating security
  • Convenient and precise operating data recognition
  • Enabled for telemetry

Our service to you:

  • Visual safety symbols
  • Audible lock engagement
  • Stable metal pressure vessel, bursting pressure tested
  • Certified safety through independent institutions
  • Leading Advanced Control System technology (ACS technology)


Simple Handling

Your advantages:

  • Quick, tool-free filter replacement
  • No need to switch off water during maintenance
  • Simple pre-rinsing and bleeding
  • Vertical and horizontal operation possible
  • High level of stability with no additional fixing

Our service to you:

  • Quick-Lock System
  • Optional: integrated stop valve on the inlet side
  • Flush and stop valve integrated on the outlet as standard
  • Tightly packed filter bed

Technical data:

  • PURITY C500 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 149/149/554 mm
  • PURITY C300 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 124/123/476 mm
  • PURITY C150 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 117/108/421 mm
  • PURITY C50 Quell ST
    (W/D/H): 117/108/265 mm

Max. operating pressure: 8,6 bar
Operating temperature: 4 – 30 °C
Operating position: vertical, horizontal and overhead
Tested by independent institutes – certificates ACS, SVGW, TÜV, VA, TIFQ, WRAS


Download Brochures:

Data Sheet BRITA PURITY C Quell ST

Hand Manual BRITA PURITY C Quell ST

Brochure BRITA PURITY C Quell ST



Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14.9 × 14.9 × 55.4 cm
Select Cartridge

C1100 Quell ST, C500 Quell ST, C300 Quell ST, C150 Quell ST, C50 Quell ST, Fresh C50 Home, Finest C500, Finest C1100, C1000 AC

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