Caffenu Brewer Cleaning Tablets


Our CaffeNu cleaning tablets come in a handy blister pack to ensure your tablets are individually sealed for longer storage life.

These are used to perform a general clean of your coffee machine. The tablets remove oils from internal surfaces in contact with water such as the brewer and the pipes taking water through the spouts.

Use every 100 cups to keep your machine fully maintained.

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Coffee Vending Machine Cleaning Tablets (10 tablets).

Coffee machine cleaning tablets for one of three types of cleaner that are needed for your coffee machine:

  1. Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets
  2. Descaling Liquid
  3. Milk System Cleaner

This product is the first one – a general coffee machine cleaner.

Let’s start by saying that cleaning your coffee machine is not a chore! Having a clean and well maintained machine is the difference between “OK” coffee and “Great” coffee. You have invested in a precision piece of equipment so a clean every 100 cups is not excessive, nor does it take much time.

It is after all, just the placement of a single tablet in the brewer and in 10 minutes the machine has cycled through the cleaning cycle all by itself and you are good to go.

The purpose of the coffee machine cleaning tablets is to remove oil buildup in the brew unit and the pipes carrying coffee to the spouts. Coffee beans contain oils that are released during roasting. You can sometimes see the oil on the surface of darker roasted beans.

When the beans are ground, these oils come into contact with the grinder, the brewer and every tube that feeds coffee into your cup. Over time, this coating can build up and attract bacteria, if not eventually cause blockages.

Blockages are most likely in the sieve pates of the brew unit. Modern coffee machines have metal sieves that retain the ground coffee but allow the extracted coffee to move past. When an oil buildup occurs, these micro-holes get blocked more easily and this retards the flow of coffee through the brewer.

The coffee machine cleaning tablets are detergent in nature and so they strip away the oils and keep pipes clean and brewer sieve plates open.

Important: Follow cleaning instructions as per your respective manufacturer’s user manual.
Recommended usage: For best results, use after every 100 cups of coffee made or at least once a month.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area and away from foodstuffs.

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