Dallmayr Mocca Instant Coffee EXP


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We found the factory where freeze dried coffee is made and imported it direct from Germany.

The Dallmayr Gold coffee offers incredible taste but at a lower price!

Enjoy freeze dried coffee, which is far superior to soluble spray dried coffee, at Nescafe Classic prices.

We offer 6 x 500g refill pouches in a sealed box.

Perfect for use in coffee vending machines and the Trovato Coffee 500g will give you around 250 cups of delicious coffee vends.

*prices subject to change from date of order

Dallmayr Gold freeze dried instant coffee is imported direct from Germany. The best know German freeze dried coffee is Jacobs Kronung.

The process to manufacture it is somewhat complex and we have  looked at how freeze dried coffee is made.

But just how close to ground coffee is an instant coffee, and are there benefits to going instant? Let’s be clear, we are a coffee company and we enjoy our espresso! So can we look to instant at all?

Well yes and no.

On the positive side for an instant coffee, be it a soluble agglomerated instant coffee like Nescafe Classic, or a freeze dried instant coffee like Nescafe Gold, making an instant coffee is way easier than grinding coffee, percolating it or creating an espresso. First, it is quick and secondly you don’t have to learn how to turn a kettle on, but you do need to master a traditional espresso machine. So there is an advantage here for instant coffee.

On the taste side, we score it below ground coffee. Sure, freeze dried instant coffee is a pretty good substitute, we agree, but given  a choice, the better taste is from an espresso coffee machine.

For the caffeine sensitive though, the benefit we see in instant coffee is a lower caffeine content. Instant coffee does contain caffeine (unless you buy a specifically decaffeinated instant coffee), but not as much as a ground coffee shot.

There is the fact that with a teaspoon and a jar of instant coffee, you have no mess to clean up. That’s an advantage.

The final point is that instant coffee is cheap and you can get varying quality too to match your wallet. Our TDallmayr Gold freeze dried instant coffee is very well priced at just over the price of Nescafe Classic.

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