Dallmayr Milk Topping Powder Vending


Enjoy the creaminess of a milk creamer in your coffee. You’ll taste the delicious mouthfeel of milk topping which will round out the coffee flavour, just like milk does in your coffee, but without the dairy.

Our coffee creamer is specially formulated for use in coffee machines. It has a fat content of 24% fat and is made from a blend of corn syrup solids, vegetable fat and powdered vegetable protein. It also has a stabilizing and an emulsifying agent added to ensure it remains stable and dissolves easily in hot water. A free-flow agent ensures that it does not clump to form lumps.

It is perfect for creaming coffee or tea but must never be used for infant feeding as its nutritive value is very low.

Our creamer is 100% lactose free, but those with allergies to milk proteins must be aware that it may contain some milk proteins.

The creamer, like real milk, offers a pleasant sweet taste which mimics the sweetness that lactose in milk brings. It also dissolves easily in hot water like our Dallmayr Premium Select Milk Powder.

The use of a creamer through a coffee vending machine ensures that the product is whipped into a pleasant frothy “milk” for your coffee.

While it does contain some milk products, notably casein (a milk protein), it does not contain lactose and so those with a lactose intolerance can select creamer. Our Sprint Instant coffee vending machine has five canisters and so a combination could be coffee, creamer, milk powder, sugar and hot chocolate. This would allow lactose intolerant staff in an office to have the option for creamer.

Other staff members would have the usual milk powder for their coffee drinks.

The product is packed in 1kg bags and typical product grammage is around 10-15g per 220ml cup of coffee or tea. It is therefore an economical and shelf stable alternative to milk and even milk powders.

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Weight4.5 kg

6kg (6 x 1kg), 1kg (1 x 1kg), 20kg (20 x 1kg)