Brita WM-12 Water Filter System for Plumbed-in Coffee Machines


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WM-12 Water Filter for Plumbed-in Coffee Machines

Your coffee is important to you – that is why you invested in a coffee machine, or are renting one. While coffee as an ingredient in your cup, is of course critical to a great cup of coffee, so is your water.

Keep your water clear of dirt, chlorine taints and free of the calcium that builds up on metal surfaces and reduces water temperature and blocks pipes.

This WM-12 water filter has been developed specially for coffee machines. It will remove calcium from the water and also remove dirt and the chlorine taste that can affect how your coffee tastes.

Enjoy 10 000 cups (2500l) of great tasting coffee before replacing and know that your coffee machine is in great shape.

Sold as a water filter with free head attachment that allows replacement by simply turning and removing and then fitting new filter – no need to turn off the water!

Please Note the delivery costs of couriers not included in price, alternatively you can view or collect machines at 30 Rooijakkals Street, Bloemfontein 9301.

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The WM-12 water filter has been specially made for use with coffee machines. It is used when your coffee machine is connected to a mains water supply.

The water filter has multiple layers of water treating compounds that do three things:

  1. It will remove dirt and particulate matter such as algae from your water supply
  2. It will remove chlorine from the water at point of dispensing. This leaves your water disinfected until you want to drink it, but not tasting of a chlorine taint.
  3. It will remove calcium from the water

So how exactly does it remove calcium from the water?

Ion Exchange Resin Technology

Generally, there are two ways to prevent scale build up in coffee machines.

You can use a siliphos compound containing water filter such as the In-10 water filter, that coats calcium ions with a layer that prevents it “sticking” to the surfaces in your coffee machine.

Or you can use an ion-exchange water filter that has thousands of small beads that trap calcium ions as they move through the filter.

They then release other ions in return so the water retains its minerals and nutrients, but no calcium!

The added benefit of this kind of water filter is that other ions such as bicarbonates and heavy metals are also removed at the same time if the filter is made for that.


You must enjoy your coffee to buy or rent a coffee machine! We get it!

So getting your coffee machine to make great coffee should be imprtant and this water filter will help you do that.

Consider this: you buy a great bag of speciality coffee beans for say R300 and you have one of these filters attached to your coffee machine.

At just under R1000 for the filter, and assuming a life of 10 000 cups, that is R0.1 per cup while your coffee just cost you R2.72!

It is a small price to pay for taste perfection and of course, with a water filter fitted, you will reduce maintenance costs and improve the safety of your water.

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