WMF 1300 S+ SuperAutomatic Espresso Bean to Cup Machine


The new WMF 1300S fully automatic machine will take centre stage in the fully automatic coffee machine market. With a recommended daily capacity of up to +120 cups on average and up to three optionally lockable hoppers, this speciality machine provides a reliable choice wherever coffee is on offer.

The high-performance milk systems ensure that the quality of the beverages remains consistently high, whether they use cold milk, hot milk, or hot milk foam. The machine is enhanced by features including a design concept that provides efficient access for servicing, plus an integrated cup stop for ensuring that cups, mugs, and glasses are positioned in exactly the right place. Rounding everything off are the options to customise the colour of the machine housing and set up a link to the WMF CoffeeConnect telemetry solution.



Technical specifications


  • Power Single Phase 1P/N/E 220 – 240 V, 2.0 – 2.4 kW
  • Power Three Phase Not available
  • Fix Water Connection Optional Add-on Kit
  • Tank Version 0 L Water Tank
  • Size (W x H x D) 325 x 670 x 574 mm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 69x88x47
  • Packaging Weight: 45kg


  • Espresso 105 / 150 cups*
  • Café Crème 80 / 92 cups*
  • Cappuccino 110 / 160 Cups*
  • Hot Water up to 110 cups
  • single / double dispensing as per DIN 18873-2
  • Coffee Connect (optional)
  • 120 Cups per day / 110 cups per hour




The WMF 1300 S comes with up to three hoppers – two for different types of coffee beans, and one for milk or chocolate powder. An additional manual insert for ground coffee enables you to prepare new coffee types or decaffeinated coffee in portions. All hoppers are removable, easy to clean, and lockable if desired.

  • Coffee Bean Hoppers left/right 650g
  • Coffee Bean Hopper center 550g
  • Powder Hopper 1200g

Its recommended average requirement of 120 cups per day makes the WMF1300S the perfect machine for a wide range of applications in small to medium-sized businesses.



Thanks to two decoupled coffee grinders the grinding process is so quiet that the WMF 1300 S can also be placed in offices or conference rooms. The machine can process different types of beans as the grinding degree can be adjusted manually to receive an ideal extraction of the chosen beans. The brewer made of durable high-tech polymer with a 15g capacity guarantees long life and full power in terms of coffee preparation and is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.



The machine concept aims at a long-lasting, well-balanced cooperation: The high-quality components are optimally attuned to each other and work together perfectly. Robust and reliable, each component makes its contribution to the long-lasting use of the WMF1300S.


The WMF 1300 S not only serves a beverage at the perfect temperature but extends the drinking pleasure within seconds: thanks to the preheated cup. The SteamJet warms the cup with hot steam. Simply place it on the cup warmer and activate the SteamJet, wait a short time, and enjoy a perfectly tempered drink.


Available milk and steam systems

With the WMF Milk and Steam systems, you’ll be tailoring barista-style coffee creations to individual tastes in no time at all. On top of Easy Milk’s range of hot and cold milk coffee specialities, the Dynamic Milk System enables the fully automated preparation of hot and cold milk and milk foam beverages, as well as a large variety of milk foam consistencies.


The ideal Chilled Coffee solution, rapidly served for greater choice.

Offer your customers a wide new range of speciality recipes with or without milk or syrups, thanks to the ingenious Chilled Coffee system available with the WMF 5000 S+. It works by freshly brewing an individual cup of hot coffee then rapidly cooling it, providing a quick and smart way to prepare delicious iced coffee and other distinctive drinks. The result? Less melted ice cubes or ice cream, for a better looking, better tasting cooled beverage.

How the Chilled Coffee system works

This ingenious system lets you offer a tempting variety of chilled coffee specialities, while giving you the added advantage of energy efficiency. First, hot coffee is prepared in the brewing unit of the WMF 5000 S+. Then, before it reaches the spout, it flows through a counterflow heat exchanger*. At the same time, the cold fresh water for the next cup flows to the boiler in the opposite direction. As they pass each other in the counterflow heat exchanger, the coffee becomes cooler while the water gets warmer. So the water requires less heating in the boiler and the coffee emerges already cooled, with no additional refrigeration needed. Not only does this save energy, it also means your chilled coffee beverages look and taste superb, with more ice or ice cream remaining intact.

WMF Milk systems

However your customers like their hot or cold coffee or milk specialities, WMF has the solution to always guarantee the best beverage quality. Our milk systems make it simple for your operating personnel or customers to prepare professional coffee creations, with no need for any prior experience. From the Basic Milk system to the more versatile Easy Milk and Smart Milk or the top-of-the-range Dynamic Milk system, each of them offers a variety of tasty milk and milk foam options.



Basic Milk

Basic Milk

The Basic Milk system is the perfect choice for all classic coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and latte, which are prepared with hot milk and hot milk foam.




Easy Milk

Easy Milk

Enabling you to tap into the market for cold milk mixed beverages as well as hot coffee specialities, the Easy Milk system automatically dispenses cold milk as well as hot milk or hot milk foam via the beverage spout.
The system is available for the WMF 1500 S+ and WMF 5000 S+.




Smart Milk

Smart Milk

It’s never been easier to serve a wide variety of cold milk mixed beverages and hot coffee specialities. The innovative WMF Smart Milk system makes it simple for your staff or customers to prepare them.
The system is available for the WMF 1300 S.




Dynamic Milk

Dynamic Milk

WMF’s Dynamic Milk system offers an even wider range of possibilities, allowing the fully automatic production of 4 different consistencies of hot milk foam and 3 variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk. So you can always offer your customers the perfect milk foam for each coffee creation.
The Dynamic Milk system is available for the WMF 1500 S+, WMF 5000 S+ and WMF 9000 S+.



Cooler with milk temperature sensor:


The temperature of the milk is a key factor in the quality of the milk foam. An optional sensor in the cooler monitors the milk temperature and indicates it on the graphic display.


The WMF steam systems Basic SteamEasy Steam and Auto Steam are the perfect complementary partners for the milk systems, providing a user-friendly, practical way of making a huge range of beverages.



WMF 2-Milk Solution:


Create more variety for your customers with WMF 2-Milk Solution. The technology allows you to connect two different milk sources to your professional WMF machine.

WMF Steam systems

Our integrated steam systems add another dimension to your WMF professional coffee machine, allowing you to offer as wide a variety of beverages as possible. Whether the people using your machine are absolute beginners or aspiring baristas, they’ll find an advanced but easy-to-use steam system that matches their needs on every WMF machine. You can use it to heat beverages like mulled wine, and to froth milk to perfection, for example when you want to create latte art or froth milk from an external source. Simply choose the system that best matches your business needs, and you’ll be ready to satisfy your customers’ beverage desires.



Basic Steam for beginners

Basic Steam for beginners

This system can be used to quickly and easily warm a variety of beverages from hot chocolate to mulled wine, and to heat and froth milk manually if requested by your customer.
This steamer version is available for WMF 1500 S.




Easy Steam with temperature sensor

Easy Steam with temperature sensor

Designed to prepare hot beverages or to manually froth milk from an external source, this system features a semi-automatic steam wand that switches off on reaching the prescribed temperature, making traditional milk frothing much easier.
Easy Steam is available for WMF 5000 S and WMF 8000 S.




 Auto Steam for barista-like artistic milk frothing

Auto Steam for barista-like artistic milk frothing

The separate steam wand of the Auto Steam system allows users to customize milk foam density for each individual coffee creation, and produces three different types of milk foam completely automatically at the side. The system also makes it simple to heat milk and prepare a variety of hot beverages.
Available for WMF espresso, WMF 5000 S and WMF 8000 S.



Three grades of milk froth:





This is a volume milk froth for extra large quantities and layered drinks. It is excellent for making latte macchiatos!






This milk froth is always the right choice for a cappuccino.






You can make difficult latte-type creations with this thick, creamy milk froth.



The WMF milk systems Basic MilkEasy MilkSmart Milk and Dynamic Milk are the perfect complementary partners for the steam systems, providing a user-friendly, practical way of making a huge range of beverages.


More choice for your customers, with two different milk alternatives.

WMF’s 2-Milk Solution lets you offer your customers greater variety by giving you the option of connecting two different milk alternatives to the same WMF professional coffee machine. So customers can select their preferred coffee creation with their choice of regular milk or an alternative like plantbased milk or low-lactose milk. Whatever their preference, they can be sure of savouring the perfect milk or milk foam with every speciality beverage.

How WMF 2-Milk Solution works

WMF Cup Sensor

Available on machines with the WMF Dynamic Milk system, the 2-Milk Solution makes it possible to attach two different milk alternatives to the same machine, for example adding low-fat or low-lactose milk1 to the menu, or plant-based alternatives like soya, oat or almond drinks3. Beverages using each alternative are easy to configure in the software, and the choice for the next beverage can also be changed in either Pre-Select or Post-Select mode. WMF Dynamic Milk allows the fully automatic production of four different consistencies of hot milk foam and three variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk. The milk is heated by steam and thus resembles the traditional output from a semi-automatic machine, preserving that authentic, milky taste.

Your benefits of WMF 2-Milk Solution:

With two different milk alternatives on the menu, you can offer even greater variety.


Beverages can be preset with each milk type, and changed via Pre- or Post-Selection.


With the Center Cooler, the 2-Milk Solution can be connected on the left or right of the machine. It is also available for the Under-Machine Cooler, which can be integrated in / under the counter.


The integrated stainless steel pump head ensures constant dosing of solid foams.


The Dynamic Milk Assist constantly monitors milk flow and temperature, automatically adjusting to ensure consistent milk foam quality.


Clean in Place means no need to remove the foamer for HACCP-compliant cleaning. The milk tube is cleaned and flushed after every use.


Available for:

WMF 9000 S+ 3

WMF 5000 S+ 3

Download WMF 1300S User Manual (EN-US)

Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions69 × 88 × 47 cm

WMF-1300STG (4L Tank – Single Grinder), WMF-1300STCG (4L Tank – Single Grinder + Hot Chocolate Hopper), WMF-1300STGG (4L Tank – Double Grinder), WMF-1300STCGG (4L Tank – Double Grinder + Hot Chocolate Hopper), WMF-1300SCGG (Fixed Water – Single Grinder + Hot Chocolate Hopper), WMF-1300SGG (Fixed Water – Double Grinder), WMF-1300SCGG (Fixed Water – Double Grinder + Hot Chocolate Hopper), Add 9L Milk Fridge, Add 3.5L Milk Fridge